Be Creative With Me!

Pineapple Upside Down Cake, with a twist

Everybody loves a retro cake, but let’s make it individual sized! I’ve been making this cake for years, and most recently decided to make it in individual portions. I’ve done this two ways – one in a fancy pan that make six of them and also in individual 3″ by 3″ square pans. The curb appeal on the little squares […]

Toad in the Hole – comfort food for a cold day

The actual true origin of Toad in the Hole is up for debate. Lots of thoughts around poor folks stretching out a very small piece of meat into a larger meal is just one direction on this. Others have said this was to induce picky children to eat something ridiculous. Whatever the basis, this is a dish that has been […]

Lasagna – non traditional, but delicious and easy

Nearly everyone enjoys lasagna, but sometime the thought of making it seems like a lot of work! Let me share a secret, well it’s not a secret, but not everyone knows this – hope you’re sitting down – you don’t have to pre-cook the noodles! That’s right, you can make an awesome and delicious lasagna using the noodles right out […]

Lentil Soup – comforting and easy for lunch or dinner

I usually make this soup with ham stock, because we like it very much. However, you can easily make it with chicken or vegetable stock instead. I recommend Better Than Boullion if you can get it. Much less salty than stock cubes. If you have to use stock cubes, just watch how much salt you add as you cook. Two […]

Basic White Bread

A very basic white bread recipe that produces a very satisfying outcome. Great for sandwiches, your morning toast or shaped into buns to have with any meal. Make this in bread pans or freeform on a baking sheet. This recipe is developed using grams as the measurements so a digital scale is really recommended. I have converted to cups for […]

Basic Breadmaking

Making bread is one of the most simple pleasures I enjoy in the kitchen. I had dabbled a bit here and there before, and my husband used to make bread a bit…sourdough actually… as well as pizza dough. Now I make bread at least once a week, in fact I make almost all the bread my family eats. Being able […]

Getting Started

The start of 2021 has me starting this new endeavour.. a blog! There are so many out there already, but I’m hoping that there are some folks who find this interesting and that I can add some information to help others do things a little easier, a little better or just a little differently. I’ll be writing about things I […]