Getting Started

Getting Started

The start of 2021 has me starting this new endeavour.. a blog! There are so many out there already, but I’m hoping that there are some folks who find this interesting and that I can add some information to help others do things a little easier, a little better or just a little differently.

I’ll be writing about things I do all the time. I cook, from scratch pretty much every day. I bake a lot.. fortunate to have lots of good eaters around. I also enjoy doing stuff around my house, a few crafts, a bit sewing and when I can focus on it, some knitting.

I’m planning to start with a blog post at least once a week, let’s see how this goes. I do have a full time corporate job, but this is a pleasant distraction. Given all the things that are happening in the world right now, I’m hoping that this can provide a distraction for you too.

So, please check back, sign up for email and join me being The Creative Every Day at Home!


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