Hot Cross Buns – a seasonal treat not to miss!

Hot Cross Buns are always a sign of spring. Whether you associate them with a cultural memory or just nostalgic senses of smell and taste, they’re sure welcome at this time of year. I learned to make these in Chef School. What a pleasant surprise that was to see this childhood favourite on the curriculum. Of course, the original recipe […]

Leek and Potato Soup – a simple and filling soup

When I think of a simple and filling soup that will please even the fussiest eater, this is what comes to mind. Leeks, the mild-mannered cousin of the onion paired with the homeliest of veggies, the potato! This is a great recipe to make using the homemade chicken stock I posted. The rich savoury flavour of the chicken stock makes […]

Sourdough English Muffins, roll, cut and cook!

Have you ever wanted to make English Muffins but thought, hey, I don’t have those ring things! Well, have no fear, these English Muffins are made by rolling out a dough, cutting with a cookie cutter and cooked on a griddle. I’ve tried several recipes in the past that were based on a very liquid-y batter that you poured into […]