Pineapple Upside Down Cake, with a twist

Everybody loves a retro cake, but let’s make it individual sized! I’ve been making this cake for years, and most recently decided to make it in individual portions. I’ve done this two ways – one in a fancy pan that make six of them and also in individual 3″ by 3″ square pans. The curb appeal on the little squares […]

Toad in the Hole – comfort food for a cold day

The actual true origin of Toad in the Hole is up for debate. Lots of thoughts around poor folks stretching out a very small piece of meat into a larger meal is just one direction on this. Others have said this was to induce picky children to eat something ridiculous. Whatever the basis, this is a dish that has been […]

Lasagna – non traditional, but delicious and easy

Nearly everyone enjoys lasagna, but sometime the thought of making it seems like a lot of work! Let me share a secret, well it’s not a secret, but not everyone knows this – hope you’re sitting down – you don’t have to pre-cook the noodles! That’s right, you can make an awesome and delicious lasagna using the noodles right out […]